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Frequent Questions

Port Everglades - Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Please read this page before contacting us to ask questions
While this list is not exhaustive, it usually clears up most of the questions about how we operate and our high level of service.

Q: Do you provide a shuttle service to Port of Miami?
Sorry, at this time Park 'N Go is only located at Port Everglades, which is in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
We do not have a lot in Miami, Tampa, or Port Canaveral at this time.

Q: Is my information submitted online safe?
Yes, we will not sell, rent, or share your information with any third party. Click here to review our Privacy Policy.

Q: If I park at your lot, how do I get to the ship?
We operate a free shuttle (both ways) for our customers. The shuttle is a mini-bus that meets you directly at your vehicle to minimize any walking you will need to do. The driver of the shuttle will help you unload your trunk and put your luggage on-to the shuttle. You will ride with your bags to the cruise terminal on the shuttle.

Q: What is your rate?
Our regular rate, without a reservation is $12.00 per day. If you are on our site reading this, you can book for a discounted daily rate; after you're done reading this page there is a form you fill out to book our current web special.

Q: Do I need to print my confirmation?
Yes, it helps us serve you better if you print the "confirmation" page which is displayed after filling out the form. If you do not have access to a printer, we can still look you up in our system using your name.

Q: How do I know I have a reservation?
If you have a page that says you have a confirmation or that your parking is booked, that means you have a reservation.

Q: My reservation doesn't have my name or when I'm coming to park printed on it, is this ok?
Yes; our reservation confirmation pages do not have your personal information on them, but the information you enter on the site is sent to our lot so we know when to expect you; if your arrival time changes by a few minutes but the day/date does not, do not worry, we will still honor your reservation and rate.

Q: Do I need to re-confirm?
No, if you make a reservation and have a confirmation printed, you're all set.

Q: What if I am later than the time I entered on the reservation form?
No worries, we will still honor your reservation as long as you come park your car on the same day you originally reserved for.

Q: When should I get to the Park 'N Go lot to park my car?
Most cruise lines are not ready for you prior to a certain time, and they reccomend this time in your cruise documents. As a general rule, we suggest you arrive no earlier than 11:00 a.m. on the day of your sailing.

Q: Why don't you reccomend I drop my bags before coming to park?
Parking at Park 'N Go is different than what you may have done in the past; our staff is willing to help you unload your vehicle and load your luggage onto the same shuttle that takes you and any traveling companions over to the ship. This saves you the time and hassle associated of driving into Port Everglades more than once.

Q: Do you have a parking lot for the Fort Lauderdale airport?
Yes! Please visit to book "Airport Parking".

Q: What is my total price going to be?
The total will be the daily rate of your reservation, multiplied by the amount of time your car was parked here, plus 6% sales tax.
If you are going on a 7-day cruise, which is the most common length in the industry, your total will be your daily rate, mulitplied by seven, plus six percent sales tax. (A 7-day cruise is usually Saturday to the next Saturday, or Sunday to the next Sunday)

Q: When do I pay for the parking?
Payment is required when you drive out of the parking lot after you return from your cruise. You will need your reservation information along with the time-stamped ticket that you get from the greeter when you enter the facility to drop-off your vehicle.

Q: What kind of payments are accepted?
We accept U.S. cash and coin, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. We also take travelers checks with appropriate picture ID. We do not take personal checks, company checks, IOUs, or foreign currency.

Q: How will you know how long my car was parked in your lot?
On your way in to the parking lot, you will be given a white time-stamped ticket by our greeter. We reccomend you keep this white ticket (the one with a magnetic stripe on it, like a credit card has) in the vehicle on the dash, along with your reservation confirmation. Leave it in the car so you do not leave it in your stateroom or at the buffet!

Q: Will the shuttle pick me up when I get back from my cruise?
Yes. Our shuttle will meet you in the same area that the "rental car" company shuttles pick-up at your terminal. The driver of our shuttle will help you load your luggage from the pick-up point onto the shuttle. Usually our pick-up points are very close to the terminal door, but it does vary by each terminal.

Q: Is your lot secure?
Our lot is fenced and lit, and we are open 24 hours a day. Remember, we also park cars here for people who are using the Fort Lauderdale airport, so we are working around the clock while you are out floating in the ocean.

Q: I have a motorized scooter I am taking with me, can you help?
Our drivers will help you load your belongings from your vehicle and on-to the shuttle bus, including mobility devices. If the item is extremely heavy and awkward, please be patient so that they can get additional help from other staff. Our shuttle buses do not have a traditional "lift", but they are easy to step on and off of for people with mobility issues (only three small steps up/down).

Q: Where do I wait when I come back to be picked up by the shuttle?
Usually there are signs at the various cruise terminals that designate where the "rental car" shuttles stop; if you are unfamiliar, please ask a member of the shore staff from the cruise line to point you in the right direction. You can also ask our driver to point out the pick-up area to you on the way over to the ship, but after a few days on vacation you'll probably forget!

Q: How will I remember where I parked my car?
The attendant that takes you over will give you a yellow "location slip" that has our phone number and also where in our lot you parked your vehicle. If you had to leave your keys, the yellow location slip will usually have a claim check stapled to it. After you get back from your cruise, the driver of our shuttle will ask for your yellow slip.

Q: What does the term "black-out date" mean?
The date that you drop-off your car at the facility determines your daily rate for the entire time you are parked with us. A "black-out" date means you cannot drop-off your car on that day and get the discount for any portion of that stay. Black-out dates generally fall before, on, and after peak travel days where we do not discount our prices because of demand. This is similar to how airlines, hotels, and cruise lines price their products.

Q: Do you charge any more for SUVs, Trucks, Lincoln Town cars, et cetera?
If your car will fit in a regular spot, we charge the same rate. We do not have a "compact" rate or a "Hummer H1" rate. We do charge more for RVs, or vehicles pulling trailers, or charter buses.

Q: I have a handicapped parking decal, does this change anything?
Kind of, but not really..... We do have a limited amount of handicapped parking spaces that you are more than welcome to use. However, our entire service is based around serving your directly from your car, so it really does not matter where you park. We do still charge the same rate for parking if you have a disabled permit, an additional discount is not applicable.

Q: Can I get two discounts? Or three?
Our policy is "one discount per transaction"; generally, our lowest rate is our internet rate, and you are reading this on the internet! In the event your parking stay with us is "blacked out" (remember, the black out date is determined by the date you drop off the car), you can use your AAA card or your Military ID for a discount.

Q: I heard I could park for free with a handicapped parking permit, is this true?
No, but you can get a great rate right here on our website!

Q: My friend got a different price than you're showing now, why?
Our offers change from time to time, just like airlines, hotels, cruise companies, and most other businesses. If your friend is paying less, or more, it is because they booked at a different time under a different promotion.

Q: What about RVs, buses, or vehicles pulling trailers?
We can usually accomodate them, but it is not at our special internet only pricing. Because of the complexity of accomodating these vehicles, we do not discount our prices for these items. Please call us with the total length of your vehicle and the dates of travel and we will tell you if it is possible for us to help.

Q: How is your daily rate calculated?
Our day is based on a 24-hour clock, and the 24-hour period starts when you are issued a ticket upon driving in to the parking lot. If you enter the lot at 11:00 a.m., you have until 10:59 a.m. the next day before a second "day" starts. If you are traveling on a seven day cruise (Saturday to Saturday), you will generally only be charged for seven days of parking unless you arrive earlier in the day than you end up driving out. Our hourly rate varies, but is usually set at between $2.00 and $2.50 per hour.

Q: How will you know I am back from my cruise?
When you walk outside, please proceed to the pick-up area and only call the number given to you by the driver on your yellow ticket if you do not see a shuttle there waiting.

Q: If I "walk off" the ship early, are you open?
Yes, we are open 24/7 and available to pick you up whenever you need to be picked up. If you elect "self serve" debarkation from your cruise ship, you will most likely walk outside and not see a shuttle waiting yet. Please don't call until you clear customs.

Q: When should I call for pick-up?
After you have cleared customs and are outside with your luggage. Many times, you may see a shuttle that is already loading other customers.

Q: Where are you located?
We are located on the main entrance road to Port Everglades on Eller Drive. The easiest way to get here is to take I-595 East and follow every sign for "Port Everglades"; when you exit at Port Everglades, turn left at the first traffic light. You will be able to see us from the turn lane.

Q: 1101 Eller Drive doesn't come up in my GPS, why?
I don't know, but I do know that it is much easier to get here without the GPS talking to you!
Take I-595 East to the Port Everglades exit, then turn left at the first traffic light.

Q: My car sometimes goes dead if it sits awhile; can you help with a jump if needed?
Of course! We are happy to help jump start your car. Please ask us before calling for assistance from your motor club.

Q: If I have a low tire, can you help?
We do have an air compressor and will be happy to help return your low tire to a safe level. In the event your tire will not accept any air, we will help install your spare tire so you can proceed to a tire shop safely.

Q: I usually park at the port and walk, why sould I park with you?
Park 'N Go offers a different level of service than the port-authority operated lot. You have choices in where you park your vehicle, and by choosing Park 'N Go you will receive personal service from a company with 30+ years in the private off-airport parking business.

Q: Do I have to leave my keys?
At peak travel times, we require you to leave your keys in order to park with us. When you leave your keys, you will be given a claim check with a number on it which our staff needs upon your return.

If you have read this, and still have questions, call 1-888-764-7275 and ask away. If it is a good one, we'll add it here!

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